Program Description


To provide the safest possible living and working environment for staff, residents and visitors of senior housing communities by placing the issues of crime prevention, quality of life, reduction of liability, and reduced cost of risk at the forefront of a zero tolerance to crime format.

  • The Senior Crimestoppers program operates in nursing homes, assisted living, independent living communities,¬†HUD/USDA housing venues, and Veterans homes¬†across the country.
  • The program serves the entire community and campus, while covering incidents affecting residents, staff, family, visitors and vendors.
  • Crimes/actions covered under the program umbrella include, but are not limited to: abuse, neglect, theft, vandalism, sub-standard care, fraud and unethical behavior of any type.
  • The program is proactive, positive and intends to affect a senior housing community in the same positive manner that a Neighborhood Watch Program does for a community or neighborhood. The inference is not that a community has problems, only that crime of any nature is not tolerated under any circumstances.


Since the inception of Senior Crimestoppers in 1994, the actual, and total number of crime incidents at participating facilities have been reduced by a certified 93% through December 31, 2011.