Program Quotes from Peers

The Senior Crimestoppers program has been implemented in over 4,000 facilities across the United States, resulting in an 92.30% cumulative incident reduction statistic for its’ members. While the results speak for themselves, quotes from individuals who have used and studied the program speak even louder about the program’s power. Listed below are some select quotes about the program from people within industry who have experienced the program first hand.

“Senior Crimestoppers is a win-win proposition.”
Nursing Home Magazine – Oct. 1996
“When I first came to work at Hale House, there were an unacceptable number of reports of missing items, including money. Although we were concerned about the reported losses, the local Police Department did not take them seriously, given the nature of their caseload. When I received information from Senior Crimestoppers, I realized that I could have a powerful ally in trying to reduce or stop thefts from occurring. I used the staff and resident training component to stress how tough on crime I intended to be . . . . I believe that bringing thefts out in the open and talking about them and having a zero tolerance for them is what works. . . . . Since implementing the program, we have definitely had fewer reports of thefts. One “theft” of a ring last summer was “found” or returned to its drawer three days later after Senior Crimestoppers reward posters had been posted. We are pleased with Senior Crimestoppers and hope that any future thefts will be a very rare occurrence indeed.”
Ms. Barbara Hopcroft – Executive Director, Hale House, Boston, MA
"I would like to take this opportunity to thank your organization. As a member of a nursing home, and as an individual who serves in a leadership position, I attempt to assure my fellow residents of the right to have a safe living environment. The Senior Crimestoppers program is an important element of our residency which assures all of us who reside here the right to a safe environment."
Marvin Wickline - Resident, Rockport Coastal Care Center, Rockport, TX
“We view the Senior Crimestoppers program as a win-win situation. It sends a clear message to would-be theives that we're committed to a zero tolerance approach to crime in any form and, most important, it helps restore trust by sending a message to residents, family members and staff that we care enough to go the extra mile to protect them and what is theirs, and make them feel secure.”
Judy Ullery - President of a 35 facility chain, Covenant Dove, Inc., Memphis, TN
“As a HUD facility, I wasn’t exactly sure how the Senior Crimestoppers program would fit our needs. After two months in the program, I can honestly say that if couldn’t fit our needs better. Senior Crimestoppers has worked with us in ‘customizing’ the program to fit our campus and the results have been great. Based upon the results achieved, we definitely plan on continuing the program.”
Ellen Daugherty - Administrator, El Paso Jewish Housing Federation, El Paso, TX

“Senior Crimestoppers stands tall in crime prevention and even larger as an effective quality of life enhancer for nursing home residents.”
Bob Brown - U.S. Department of Justice
“Since we have implemented the Senior Crimestoppers program, we’ve seen an immediate positive impact at our facility in two areas: 1) an enhanced, improved relationship with our residents and families because they realize that we’re doing everything possible to maintain a safe living environment, and 2) that the number of incidents that we were previously experiencing have been drastically reduced. Since implementation, the Senior Crimestoppers Program has had nothing but a positive impact on our residents, our families, and our staff members. It’s a negligible cost program that all facilities would be wise to implement.”
Warren Slavin - Chief Executive Officer, The Hebrew Home of Greater Washington, Rockville, MD
“Many Veteran's homes across the country enjoy the many benefits that Senior Crimestoppers brings. My Veteran's home in Missouri has been a charter member for three years. We highly value the program because of its crime deterrence effect, investigative assistance and public relations power.”
Sam McVay, Ph.d. - Vice President National Association of State Veterans Homes (NASVH) and Administrator of Missouri Veterans’ Home
“The Senior Crimestoppers program is as appropriate for assisted living facilities as it is for nursing homes. We’ve experienced nothing but positive feedback since becoming participants in the program almost one year ago. Our residents, families and staff love the program because of the added level of security it brings to our facility.”
Ms. Sharon Ricardi – Executive Director, Heritage at Framingham, Framingham, MA
“The Senior Crimestopper program has been very beneficial to our facility in both marketing and resident ‘peace of mind’. The press release in the local paper was a real plus and the publicity has been well received in the community. Only positive comments have been made during the admissions process.”
Eddy Flora - Director of Admissions and Social Services, Eldercare of Franklin County, Rocky Mount, VA
" I am writing to express my gratitude for the presence of Senior Crimestoppers in Pinecrest Retirement Home. My mother resides there and while visiting, I lost my diamond and sapphire wedding ring. We searched frantically but ended up having to file a police report about our loss. A few months later, the administrator called to tell me that my ring had been turned in by a delivery man who saw the Senior Crimestoppers reward poster. During his deliveries he had been combing the bushes and accomplished what seemed to be a miracle. I feel gratitude toward your organization and am thankful that my mother is in a facility that is protected by Senior Crimestoppers. Keep up the good work!"
Carol Willis - Family member of a resident at Pinecrest Retirement Home, Lufkin, TX
“The Senior Crimestopper program is a positive way to assure our residents of the fact that we care about their need to feel that they and their belongings are safe.”
Mary Cabello - Director of Admissions,
The Arnold Home, Detroit, MI

“Since we have implemented the Senior Crimestoppers program, our incidents have been dramatically reduced. Of the two incidents we have reported, both were quickly solved with information provided through the anonymous 800 # tips line. Our results have been wonderful.”
Kenneth M. Brown - President & CEO, Margaret Tietz Center for Nursing Care, Jamaica, NY

“Senior Crimestoppers has heightened our security awareness. Staff in particular, have been cooperative in alerting management to possible adverse situations. Residents, families, and staff appreciate that management cares enough to take steps to create a safe and secure environment in which to live and work.”
E. Drew Gackenheimer - Executive Vice President, The Joseph L. Morse Geriatric Center, West Palm Beach, FL

“The support we have received after joining Senior Crimestoppers has been a positive motivator in reducing the number of incidents of crime in our facility. Residents, family members, and employees are pleased with the security the lock boxes offer. This sense of security has enhanced their lives as well. Furthermore, our residents are no longer fearful of leaving their personal belongings behind and now they feel free to interact and participate in functions outside their room.”
Pete Sulik - Owner and Administrator, Sherwood Health Care, Bryan, TX
“The Senior Crimestoppers program is an excellent way to be proactive and deal with very difficult problems that often affect facilities. Our staff readily supports Senior Crimestoppers and views it as a program as much for them as a program for the residents and families of our facility.”
Jack Bates - Risk Management Specialist, Hilltop Retirement Community, Johnson City, NY
"Senior Crimestoppers, sponsored by our local bank, is instrumental in providing the highest security to our veterans with the same depth that our nation's veterans paid in providing security to our country. We love the program and we are behind it 100%. Thanks for the support you have given us and keep up the good work."
Lt. Col. Bryan Batulis, USMC (Ret.) - Southwest Louisiana War Veterans Home, Jennings, LA
“I have analyzed and watched Senior Crimestoppers for approximately 18 months. I have seen it work and talked to those who are charter members. This program is high quality, contributes to operational savings, and at any level is a petty cash investment for the returns generated.”
Larry Zippin - Past President, Association of Jewish Aging Services (AJAS), Washington, D.C.

“Senior Crimestoppers addresses many issues, that, unfortunately, occur in many long term care facilities. We’re excited to be a part of such a positive, pro-active program and anticipate a substantial reduction in incidents and risk, while saving money in many areas.”
Jeanne E. Randall - Administrator, Mountainside Residential Care Center, Margaretville, NY

“Senior Crimestoppers has been a wonderful addition to our facility. Not only have the incidents we were previously experiencing significantly decreased, several of the incidents we have experienced since program implementation have been solved. We’re delighted, as are our residents and families, to be a part of the program.”
Connie Biederman - Social Services Director, Cedar Village, Mason, OH

“Senior Crimestoppers allows residents a chance to maintain some control as so much of their control has been taken away.”
Julie Blaser - Director of Admissions and Social Services, Mary Washington Health Center, Colonial Beach, VA

“From the first time we heard about the program, we knew we wanted to participate. The program brings so many benefits to participating facilities, especially in light of the recent White House announcements. It’s just a good way to let our residents, families, and staff know we’re doing everything possible to provide a safe and secure living environment for very little out of pocket expense.”
Leon A. Bormann - Chief Executive Officer, Good Samaritan Lutheran Health Care Center & Good Samaritan Lutheran Home, Delmar, NY

“I have witnessed Senior Crimestoppers decrease all types of incidents, which translates to fewer professional liability challenges for long-term care owners. Facilities benefit in many area including liability reduction, loss containment, preventative measures, in-service tools to educate staff, risk enhancement, insurance rate reductions and improved staff morale. To sum it up, fewer incidents mean fewer lawsuits, which translates to a reduced cost of risk for owners and operators of long-term care facilities.”
Lanier Garland, AAI - Vice President, Sedgwick, PLC

"Although we are relatively new participants in Senior Crimestoppers, and haven’t had the opportunity to fully experience the program, the support we’ve received from Senior Crimestoppers headquarters has been wonderful. The good news is that since we’ve implemented the program we have not experienced a single incident at our facility. We’re looking forward to this continued success and fully enjoying all the benefits the program will bring, especially positive awareness during the survey process.”
Ms. Betsy Mullen – Assistant Administrator, Chelsea Jewish Nursing Home, Chelsea, MA

”We make a point of educating our patients and their families about our Senior Crimestoppers program at the time of admission. In fact, our Senior Crimestopper Charter is prominently displayed on the wall in our admissions office. We are optimistic that this proactive approach will give us a leg up on reducing losses and the accusations that normally follow.”
David Denton - Administrator, Guardian Ygnacio, Walnut Creek, CA

“Like any individual, their possessions are quite valuable to them and the lock box program will give them the security and peace of mind that they so much deserve... Senior Crimestoppers has been an asset for our facility. Residents, as well as staff, feel more secure knowing we have zero tolerance-to-crime. Since becoming involved with Senior Crimestoppers, we have had two incidents. I was very impressed with the professionalisn and response of the staff and their communication with us, as well as, our local sheriff’s department. I would highly recommend this program, and I have, to other facilities.”
Sue Watts - Administrator, Trinity Mission of New Paris, New Paris, OH

“Senior Crimestoppers has helped employees insure that our facility has a zero tolerance -to-crime. Since we have been a part of SCS, our crime rate has been reduced 99%. Senior Crimestoppers has made our residents feel more comfortable with their ‘prize’ possessions by having a lock box that is accessible to them.”
Dellareese Kendrick - Director of Admissions, Richmond Nursing Home, Richmond, VA

“Since our affiliation with Senior Crimestoppers, one very positive event has already occurred. A resident had misplaced her diamond ring. Two weeks later a nursing assistant found the rings under a coffee maker. Although no crime occurred, Senior Crimestoppers decided to reward the nursing assistant for her honesty and integrity by paying her a reward. We are proud to be a part of the Senior Crimestoppers program”.
Carol Cauvel - Administrator, Presbyterian Home of Titusville, Titusville, PA

“Senior Crimestoppers has been an effective program for us in dealing with one of the most frustrating problems in long-term care: loss of property (deliberate or otherwise). This program gives us a visible means of assuring staff, families, and residents that we are proactive and will not tolerate dishonesty in this facility.”
Mr. Bruce Glass – Executive Director, The German Center, Boston, MA

“Senior Crimestoppers is a positive, pro-active program because it re-assures residents that we don’t tolerate disappearance of personal items or crime of any type. That’s the zero tolerance aspect. The program also helps the staff. None of them want to be considered people that do bad things. It’s really an empowerment of both residents and staff members allowing them to be in control of another aspect of their lives.”
Molly Savard – Administrator, The Bradley Home, Meriden, CT

“We found the Senior Crimestoppers educational materials to be very helpful. From those, we developed our own brochure for employees, residents and families as a way to keep the idea fresh on their minds. Responses to incidents, tips, etc. [by Senior Crimestoppers Staff] have been very good.
Jan Jenkins – Administrator, United Methodist Home, Topeka, KS

“We have only been a Senior Crimestoppers participant for a short time, but in that time we have been very satisfied with service we have received from the Senior Crimestoppers staff. Whenever we have called in an incident, we have received the reward poster back within one hour.”
Stacy Brenton – Social Services Director, Apostolic Christian Home of Eureka, Eureka, IL

”I believe that the Senior Crimestoppers program is a deterrent to theft in our facility. We have had fewer incidents since we began participating in the program. When something is stolen from a resident, it is the same as if had been taken from our home – this is their home – and they should feel safe and secure.”
Carol Newman – Administrator, Bala Presbyterian Home, Philadelphia, PA

“The personal lock boxes (provided by the Senior Crimestoppers program) are a pledge to our residents that they have a safe place for their valuables. It also exemplifies to our employees and the community that we will not tolerate crime. Our residents deserve to have every benefit available to them to make their homes feel as safe as possible. Senior Crimestoppers has helped Northrooke Health Care assure its residents a better and safer place to live in.”
Glenda McCartney – Administrator, Northbrooke Healthcare Center, Jackson, TN