Nursing Home Case Histories

Case # 1

Where: 200 bed nursing home in California
Primary Victim: All residents, All Families, All Employees
Secondary Victim: Medicare, Medicaid, Administrator

Incident: Two employees operating drug ring out of facility

Action: The information was forwarded to the facility Administrator for routine investigation with a $1,000.00 reward amount assigned.

Result: After investigation, the Administrator contacted the program to report the information as valid. The Director of Nursing and a nursing assistant were removing narcotics from the medication cart and selling them out the back door. The necessary notations were being made in resident charts so it appeared the residents were receiving medications in a timely fashion. These records were also used to bill Medicare/Medicaid for drugs that were not being given. Both employees were terminated and charges pressed while the informant was paid the full reward.

Case # 2

Where: 157 bed nursing home in Tennessee
Primary Victim: Resident
Secondary Victim: Employees, Family, Campus

Incident: Crucifix blessed by Pope taken

Action: A resident, who had only been a resident at the facility for two days, reported to the facility Administrator that her Crucifix, which had been blessed by the Pope, was taken. This event, of course, caused the resident to immediately lose confidence in the facility.

Result: A phone call was received at the tips line informing the facility that the Crucifix had been placed in a certain location at the facility and could be retrieved. The Administrator immediately went to the location and recovered the Crucifix for the resident, restoring her faith in the facility because of its' return. No reward was paid for this information. The following day an individual failed to show up for work without notification, leading the Administrator to conclude that this was the guilty party and the informant.

Case # 3

Where: 120 bed nursing home in Kansas
Primary Victim: Facility
Secondary Victim: Employees, Residents, Families, Administrator

Incident: Time Clock Fraud

Action: Within one hour of completion of the employee in-service training videos on Senior Crimestoppers, the tips line operators received two tips. Both tips implicated two individuals who had been clocking each other in and out when they were not there, resulting in inadequate care for some residents and wages being paid for work which was not being completed. This practice had gone undetected for several months prior to the information being received at the tips line.

After facility investigation, it was determined that the information provided saved the facility (and in the long run the residents of the facility) in excess of $10,000. Being part of a multi-facility chain with similar time clock procedures in other areas, new procedures were implemented to prevent this from occurring.

Case # 4

Where: 90 bed nursing home in Florida
Primary Victim: Several residents
Secondary Victim: Each resident’s family, Employees, Facility

Incident: Several thefts of residents money

Action: $500.00 reward leading to information of money missing from the residents rooms.

Result: After posting the rewards around the facility, three tips were received naming one individual as responsible. Because of the information provided, the facility recorded the serial numbers of some money and placed it in a resident’s room for whom the implicated individual was taking care of. The employee was then observed very closely. After exiting the room where the money had been placed, the Administrator approached the individual and asked that she empty her pockets. The individual did and the recorded serial numbers matched the cash in her pocket. Local authorities were involved and charges pressed.

Case # 5

Where: 210 bed nursing home in Illinois
Primary Victim: All residents
Secondary Victim: Resident Families, Facility

Incident: A caller called the tips line to report that the driver of the facility vehicle was extorting money from residents using the service. Upon departure from the facility with a group of residents, the driver would proceed down extremely bumpy roads driving at a high rate of speed in a very “jerky” manner causing the residents much discomfort during the ride. Before returning to the facility, the driver would extort money from the residents by saying “If you can give me gas money, I won’t have to take that same route home and the ride will be a lot smoother.”

Action: A $750.00 reward was paid to the caller for providing the information to the tips line.

Result: The driver of the facility van was terminated and monitors were placed on the van for all subsequent uses.