National Nursing Home Incident Reduction Statistics

Senior Crimestoppers Member Facilities Cumulative Incident Reduction Statistics
As of  March 31, 2015.


Incident Reduction

Average Incidents
Actual Incidents

Chart Legend

1. Average Incidents Bar: The average number of crime incidents cited in the attached graph is confidential information supplied by each participating facility in Senior Crimestoppers at the time of program commencement. This previous level of incidents experienced is pro-rated and factored by month via the Senior Crimestoppers Crime-Trac System to provide an expected number of crime incidents for each future month, based upon the actual past facility experience.

2. Actual Incidents Bar: The actual incident column represents the actual number of crime incidents reported and experienced after the inception of Senior Crimestoppers in each facility. This information is tracked daily and is constantly being monitored against the previous statistics recorded by the facility.

3. Incident Reduction/Increase Percent: Represents the true and accurate effect that Senior Crimestoppers is having for the group the graph is representing, i.e.: facility, state, regional, or national. It serves as a true barometer of results, based on fact.