Program Components

SENIOR CRIMESTOPPERS PROGRAM COMPONENTS: Senior Crimestoppers Program Components
A. Membership Charter signifies a zero tolerance to crime environment for the community. Displaying this plaque in the lobby or front entrance of the community signifies to all who enter your doors that crime is not tolerated.

B. Personal Lock Boxes for the safekeeping of resident’s personal property, medications and sentimental items. The lock boxes serve as constant daily reminder of the program’s existence, its effect and the consequences, by law enforcement, if caught.

C. Yard Signs displayed as close as possible to every entrance of your community signifies to all who enter and exit your doors, including potential residents and families, of the community’s pro-active zero tolerance-to-crime policy.

D. On-Going Education of the program’s existence maximizes the deterrence aspect of Senior Crimestoppers.

  • In-Service videos for management, staff, family and residents.
  • Employee Oath Sheets are used to confirm everyone has an understanding of the program and agrees to abide by the policies of the program.
  • New employee orientation sets the tone and expectations up-front that this facility has a zero-tolerance policy toward crime.
E. Tips Line Call Center is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by professionally trained program counselors. Each counselor is trained in 911 emergency and law enforcement interrogation techniques and the sensitivity of dealing with elderly.
  • Anonymous outlet where anyone can call and provide information about any incident or occurrence.
  • All calls remain completely anonymous, eliminating the fear of retribution.
  • All information received is kept entirely confidential.
  • All information from calls go directly to appropriate community management personnel through private telephone conversations.
F. Program Cash Rewards are paid on every incident reported from a participating community, regardless of the incident type. Each incident is assigned an immediate cash reward amount up to $1,000.00.
  • Cash rewards overcome the issue of apathy because cash motivates people.
  • All rewards posted are open and payable until an incident is resolved. Rewards are never retracted and remain payable indefinitely.
  • Rewards are paid based on management’s satisfaction that the problem has been resolved. Arrests and convictions are not required; only the management’s approval to release the funds.
  • All cash rewards are safely and confidentially paid with no questions asked.
  • Each participating community is provided a standing cash reward up to $500.00 for information on workers compensation fraud.